Men dating mistakes

"There's a lot of confusion about what's strong, weak, and meaningful," Thomas says. On a first date, you probably feel pressure to list all your achievements and accomplishments to leave the girl with a pristine first impression.

Unfortunately, this rarely ever comes off as awe-inspiring or attractive (and it's definitely not modest).

Men, we don’t mean to nag, but you may be making mistakes that risk ruining your marriage. Now, before you get all defensive, this isn't about blame.

In fact, if you are a typical man, you are likely making several and making them often. These are sometimes subtle things that you might not even know you're doing.

“I remember being on a date and the guy was constantly giving me his résumé," Thomas says. Rather than running through your list of "haves" and "have-dones," pick a couple momentous moments in your life and explain why they were so meaningful to you so, yes, she gets snippet of something cool, but also a bit more about you as a person.Instead of saying you've traveled to every continent on the planet.Tell her how exciting travel is to you, and pick one—like a voluntourism trip to Bali—so you add context to the situation and showcase how great you are without how great you are.And changing these habits could make a big difference to your spouse, which can only be good for you.Furthermore, recognizing these mistakes and making efforts to correct them will not only help your marriage, it may also help your health as well as the health of your spouse.

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