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You may know her as the voice of cartoon character Lisa Simpson, but Yeardley Smith is now giving voice to her own lifelong struggle with bulimia. People start off with a desire to be thin and can easily fall into the trap of restricting their eating, then overeating, and then throwing up, as a way of controlling their weight.She joined us, along with our own eating disorder expert, Kelly Brownell, Ph. This is not generally an effective weight-control method and of course brings many psychological consequences. But I am extremely lucky that I never had any gastrointestinal ailments. Brownell, what other physical problems can bulimia cause?If you have questions about your health, you should consult your personal physician. Smith: I have had periods of rapid heartbeat and nothing has shown up on EKGs, but it seems pretty fishy to me.This event is meant for informational purposes only. We appreciate you taking time to talk about your battle with bulimia with us. Member question: Was it easy to hide your purging from your family? Not telling anyone that I was doing it and when asked if I was still doing it I would say, no, if it was true that I had not done it that day. Brownell: Secrecy is very common with people with bulimia, which in some cases allows the disease to go many years without detection.You’re like “Yeah, there are some Irish people around. It’s not right for Irish and non-Irish people to mix! ” And not only do you not think that Irish people are a Big Deal, but you’re about 99% sure that after the Know-Nothing spends a couple of months in 21st-century America he’s going forget about the whole Irish thing too.

Member question: How about the people you work with every day on The Simpsons (my all-time favorite show)? Did any treat you differently when they found out about your bulimia? Ever since I could remember, I've always been afraid of walking up and talking to women.I can't explain where the heck it came from, because I have never had a woman throw her drink in my face or slap me - but this women.If a man dares to be seen with a trans woman, he will likely lose social capital so he must adamantly deny, vehemently demean, trash and/or exterminate the woman in question.He must do this to maintain his standing in our patriarchal society.

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